Pastic deflashing with Rosler: Perfection lies in the details

Improved component durability through automated surface finishing

Functional components made of Duroplast and Thermoplast are typically exposed to high amounts of stress, such as; parts for engines, belt pulleys, fuel pump parts, semiconductors and lead frames. Decorative plastic parts, such as light switches or pan handles require a gentle finish that is both durable and esthetically appealing, while remaining highly functional and inexpensive.

Foarte bine chiar de la început - Centrul de Competențe Rösler pentru Debavurarea Pieselor din Plastic are o bogată experiență. Timp de peste 50 de ani, Rösler Schweiz a fost un partener de încredere pentru numeroși producători din industria de prelucrare a materialelor plastice.

A wide selection of consumables rounds out Rosler’s plastic deflashing portfolio. In cooperation with Swiss company Emsodur, we offer polyamide, polycarbonate, nutshells and duroplastic blasting agents. To maximize post production cleanliness, we also offer separate sandblasting and cleaning stations.